Entrevista a Lars Bjørnshauge

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Entrevista: México-Dinamarca 17/02/2016



Lars Bjørnshauge, Deputy Director, Acting Director, Technical Information Center of Denmark Technical University of Denmark (1992-2000), Director of Libraries at Lund University (2001-2011).

President of the Danish Research Library Association 1992-1994 and 1st Vice-President of the Swedish Library Association 2005-2011. Founder of the Directory of Open Access Journals (www.doaj.org), co-founder of OpenDoar, the Directory of Open Access Repositories, (www.opendoar.org) and co-founder of the Directory of Open Access Books (www.doabooks.org). Director of IS4OA (www.IS4OA.org) and Managing Director of DOAJ (www.doaj.org) and member of the OASPA Board (www.oaspa.org). To contact Lars, send him a mail to lars@arl.org or fill in the contact form.