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Collaborative economy or Sharing econony, also called collaborative consumption, includes projects related to online platforms for loaning, giving away, renting, selling or sharing goods and services among individuals with or without an exchange of currency.

Collaborative mapping includes projects related to the development of mapping as a product of public participation.

Community currency, also called social currency, local currency or complementary currency includes projects related to the implementation of exchange units deployed in specific locations as currency complementary to the national unit with the purpose of activating the area’s economy.

LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) includes projects related to local trade and exchange systems. These are self-regulated community projects allowing their participants to issue and manage their own social currency to develop the area’s economy.

Solidarity economy includes projects related to financing, producing, marketing and consuming goods and services that prioritize equality and sustainability in social relationships. Fair trade, responsible consumption or ethical finances are part of solidary economics.

Time bank includes projects related to the exchange of services without the use of money, valuing the hours of service provided and received.


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