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Creating the wiki page

An example of a new wiki page.

Creating a wiki page is very easy.

Type the text’s title directly in the search box and press enter.

A new, editable page will open.

The text’s page title must be written as follows:,_Publics_and_Access,_Ken_Hollings,_Michelle_Kasprzak,_Mark_Nash,_Alexei_Shulgin_(2011)_Every_Artist,_a_Journalist

To start editing just click on the “edit this page” link right under the new page title.

Filling out the index card

Example of a filled out Library index card.

Each field is filled out manually following the criteria below.

Abstract [HEADING / LEVEL 2 / BOLD / A-]

Writing an abstract is not necessary. Abstracts are only copied if they are already included in the text. Science papers always include an abstract at the beginning which can be copied. Books are usually published along with a brief synopsis which can be copied. The abstract is copied in the published language. Abstracts are accepted in any language, though english and spanish are preferred.

It is important to note the only texts being accepted are those published under a free or open license allowing their free copying and distribution. Any texts in the “Library” meet this requirement.

Key words [HEADING / LEVEL 2 / BOLD / A-]

Key words associated to the text are copied here. In science papers, key words are always included after the abstract, but for other types of text it is possible for this field to remain blank. If no key words have been published along with the text they may be added, as long as the text’s content is well known.

File [HEADING / LEVEL 2 / BOLD / A-]


Source [HEADING / LEVEL 2 / BOLD / A-]

If the text has been extracted from a particular source such as an article, book, repository, database, interview, etc., please make sure to include the source in this section.

Links [HEADING / LEVEL 2 / BOLD / A-]

URL: [BOLD] http://copy_here_the_url_where_the_text_was_found

Wayback Machine: [BOLD] http://copy_here_the_url_file

In order to preserve the text, its URL is copied in the Internet Archive’s Service called Wayback Machine: Once the text URL is copied, the file’s new URL is copied here. In some cases, sites are protected and copying them is not allowed. To make note of this when it happens, copy the message displayed by the Wayback Machine.

Cataloguing texts

Order followed and criteria met by text cataloguing.
The following are categories for the book titled “Every Artist, a Journalist”.

Cataloguing is done following the main menu’s categories and subcategories.

This task is to be performed manually, typing in the corresponding categories and subcategories at the bottom of the page.

Corresponding categories and subcategories are typed following the order in which they appear on the main menu.

Texts cataloguing follows the order and criteria described next.

1st Category “Library”

This first category - “Library” - is the most important. Without it no text will be able to be indexed as part of the “Library” and it won’t appear in this section. It will be lost to the wiki’s records.

2nd Category “Language(s)”

The language in which the text has been published is recorded here. If the text is available in more than one language, please catalogue all of them. This allows the text to be associated with the different languages that make up the subcategories in this section.

3rd Category “Starting Country(ies)”

Publishing countries are added here. This allows the text to be associated to the different countries that make up the subcategories in this section.

4th Category “Starting Year”

Publishing year is added here. This allows the text to be associated to the different years that make up the subcategories in this section.

5th Category “Authors”

All of the text’s participating authors are recorded here by First Name, Last Name. This allows the text to be associated to the different authors that make up the subcategories in this section.

6th Category “Publishers”

All of the text’s publishers or editors are recorded here. This allows the text to be associated to the different publishers that make up the subcategories in this section.

Adding the image

The Library index card includes an image of the text. When adding a book it is recommended to upload an image of its cover.

To extract an image of a text, a browser add-on called Nimbus Screen Screenshot might be used. The add-on, available for free for Mozilla, Chrome, Android and PC can be dowloaded at the following link: Many other existing programs offering the same functions might be used.

Once the text screenshot has been taken, the file is uploaded to the wiki following the instructions on “how to upload a file”:

Keep in mind to select “Align:Right”, “Format:thumbnail” for the text image.

Uploading the file

Follow the instructions on “How to upload a file”:

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