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Interviews follows a questionnaire published by the fanzine Radical Software in 1970. The questionnaire applies to anyone involved in the projects who wish to provide their testimony.

Although the questions were raised several decades ago by activists and artists working in TV and video in order to get to know each other better, they continue to be valid in the current context. The only parts in the questionnaire that were modified were the media in question. TV has been replaced by the Internet as a distribution channel and the hypertext of the World Wide Web occupies the place of video.

The idea is to give a voice and a face to the projects that are the result of the work of specific people, although anyone can always contribute with an anonimous testimony by linking only the interview to the project where the interviewee collaborates.

You can download here the 1970 questionnaire:

This is the updated questionnaire in Spanish:

File:Cuestionario castellano.pdf

This is the updated questionnaire in English:

File:English questionnaire.pdf