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Open access includes projects related to the immediate access of research papers published in specialized, peer-reviewed publications without requiring registration, suscription or payment.

Open content inlcudes projects related to the publication of any kind of cultural content (text, illustration, audio, video, etc.) under a non-restrictive license, expressly allowing its copying, distribution and modification for free.

Open data includes projects related to public data anyone can use, analyze, compare and redistribute for free.

Open design includes projects related to the development of physical products, machines and systems through the use of design information shared publicly and for free.

Open education includes projects related to institutional practices or social initiatives widening access to education through educational resources offered for free, online to anyone interested, including (among others), open content, open access and MOOC.

Open government includes projects whose target is civilian collaboration in the creation and improvement of public services and the strengthening of transparency and accountability through open governance data or data produced directly by the citizenry.

Open science includes projects related to scientific research access for all audiences, especially to publicly funded research. Open science includes publishing methods, such as open access or open data, where access to experiments and their results are automatically public and free.

Open source hardware includes projects related to the open design of machinery or hardware following the principles of open software.

Open source software includes free or priced software projects putting the program’s source code at public disposal, allowing users to study, modify and improve said software.

Open spectrum includes projects related to the idea that technology can reduce or even eliminate the need for governments to manage wireless communications.

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) includes projects offering online courses aimed at the general public through online platforms, following the principles of open education.


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