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B2B or Busines-to-Business inlcudes projects related to online services providing commercial transactions between businesses.

F2F or Friend-to-Friend inlcudes projects related to this type of anonymous P2P where access is only allowed to reliable people or friends of friends (and so on) for downloading and exchanging files anonymously using IP addresses or digital signatures.

P2P lending, also known as peer-to-peer lending, crowdlending or lending among peers, includes projects related to online services providing money loans among individuals at a lower cost than through traditional financial institutions.

P2P network includes projects related to peer-to-peer networks, meaning, networks among equals or peers, forming computer networks where all or some aspects of it work without fixed clients and servers, relying on a series of nodules behaving like equals instead. In these networks, nodules act simultaneously as clients and servers. P2P Networks allow information to be exchanged directly in any format among the interconnected computers.

P2P theory includes projects related to the theorizing of P2P networks as a political, economic, cultural, scientific and technological organization paradigm.


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