1974 - Minifesto - Ted Nelson

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My work is concerned principally with the theory and execution of systems useful to the mind and the creative imagination. This has polemical and practical aspects: I claim that the precepts of designing systems that touch people’s minds, or contents to be shown in them, are simple and universal: making things look good, feel right and come across clearly. I claim that to design systems that involve both machines and people’s minds is art first, technology second, an in no way a derivative specialty off in some branch of computer science.

However, presentational systems will certainly involve computers from now on.

Since hundreds of such systems are now being built, many of them all wrong, we must teach designers (and certain others) the basics of computers, and give them some good examples (such as Sutherland’s Sketchpad, Bitzer’s PLATO, and, I hope, some of my own designs.)

Further, the popular superstitions about computers must be fought – the myth that they are mechanistic, scientific, objective or independent of human intend and contemplative involvement.





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