1995 - Manifesto for a virtual favela

De Dominios, públicos y acceso
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The crisis is real. A residential labyrinth spills from the base of a swelling urban center. Bodies in immediate proximity. Fortified from enemy attack by mazes of uncharted avenues and dwellings. The architecture of chaos. Without a center for reference, each discreet point is understood only in relation to others -- intersections, friction, a hyperballad . The urban dwellers no longer locate meaning in maps of measured streets and concrete paths. X means "you are here"--wish you were here. The favela is a tragic spectacle.

We advocate implementation of the digital environment as terrain for research and development, political action, and production. This site will host multilayered conversations and interrogation of cultural problems and contradictions. We initiate problem solving techniques without simplification and polarization of concepts. The favela is a living contradiction.

Our role is as interventionists into the geography of colonialism and public space. Social space hosts both condoned and prohibited spectacles. Within a landscape of networks; matter, images and information are exchanged. Objects exist autonomously, and are linked in a frenzied fabric of relations. These collisions produce confrontation, discussion, and re inscribe cultural meaning. Cyberspace is public space.

Mass media and popular culture are viable means of dissemination of information and meaning. Ground zero. Interruption. Detour. Intervention. Bait. Representation produces meaning. All images and language are representations. The tyranny of representation. The representation of tyranny. Any dialogue with power is violence, suffered or provoked. We have ways of making you talk. The talking cure. Scouts and hunters in simultaneous frontiers. Temporary monuments in a fluctuating landscape of signification. Ideas at the level of spectacle. Experimental laboratories. Tokyo, Mexico City, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles 1995






URL: https://web.archive.org/web/19961104130736/http://www.favela.org/intro/manifesto.html

Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/19961104130736/http://www.favela.org/intro/manifesto.html