2001 - Ceci n'est pas un magazine (1a Parte) - Mute Magazine

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Ceci n'est pas un magazine

These issues, which begged the question of editorial de-centralisation, prompted Mute to consider and revise its publishing model and infrastructures along more participative lines. The process was documented in a series of mini-manifestoes and progress reports: Part 1, 'Ceci n'est pas un magazine', came out in issue 19 (2001); part 2, 'The Magazine that Mistook its Reader for a Hat', in issue 24 (2002/3).**

These diagrams document one magazine's path from traditional top-down publishing into the uncharted realms of 'community' interactivity. In fits and starts, they portray Mute's vision of diversification, as we attempt to deal with the promise of new media through the provision of tools, editorial content and peer to peer structures. http://www.metamute.org/about-us


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URL: http://www.metamute.org/sites/www.metamute.org/files/u1/ceci01.pdf

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