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What is The WebWhore Manifesto?

The nefarious plot of a deranged webslut?

Or a dream . . . a vision . . . of people bound together by the politics of porn?

Remember, there can be solidarity in smut!


WebWhore: someone (usually a woman) who provides sex fantasy entertainment on the internet.

Manifesto: a public declaration of intentions, opinions or purposes.

We: when I use the word "we" sometimes I mean, "we WebWhores" but other times I mean, "we as a society".

On behalf of myself and WebWhores everywhere, I, TastyTrixie, hereby issue the following original draft 10-point WebWhore Manifesto:

WebWhore Pride Points:

1. WebWhores defy stereotypes. We are not just a bunch of dumb slutty moneygrubbing bitches. Most of us are not whoring ourselves out of desperation. We come in all different shapes and sizes and from different backgrounds. There is nothing you can assume about a WebWhore except that she has balls (figuratively speaking).

2. WebWhoring empowers women. We can set our own hours, our own prices, and our own limits. We have the potential to make more money while we have more fun than we could in a "respectable" career field. We can turn off the computer if we feel violated or degraded or put-out by someone (which actually happens far less than in "respectable" career fields). Those of us with families can take care of them without it interfering with our jobs. We can safely have fun playing dress up, good girl, bad girl, etc. and exploring who we are and what we like. We can have creative/financial/organization control over our own businesses.

3. Good WebWhoring requires skill. Being a good WebWhore demands more than mere sexual savvy and physical "beauty". Good WebWhores usually have a mix of some of the following characteristics: personality, technical knowledge, creativity, confidence, bravery, style, intuition, customer service skills, empathy, imagination, originality, marketing knowledge, networking know-how, open-mindedness, experience, compassion, curiosity, daring, perseverance, and a genuine love of people and sexuality.

4. WebWhore clients defy stereotypes. Just as WebWhores are often your typical "girl-next-door" types, their clients are also your typical guys-next-door. People who enjoy internet porn come from all walks of life and are looking for all kinds of different WebWhores. Our customers look and act just like everybody else. Coming across the stereotypical porn consumer (whoever he is) is actually pretty rare. As WebWhores we enjoy special opportunities to get to know all kinds of different people on all sorts of different levels. We have fun with each other, get off with each other and often come to care about each other.

WebWhore Purpose Points:

5. Sex Workers' economic and social contributions to society deserve commendation, not criminalization. It's about time we stopped marginalizing, stigmatizing, ignoring, and punishing sex workers. We've been around forever, we've made marks on history, we've provided services in response to an unending demand. Quit the resentful narrow-minded bullshit and give us some fucking credit!!!!!

6. Women should NOT be villified and disrespected for capitalizing on human sexuality. People should pay women for sex work with the same respect and appreciation one would expect to pay ministers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, therapists, etc. Furthermore, one cannot assume a whore's primary motivation for doing her "job" is monetary any more than one could assume a doctor's primary motivation for healing patients is solely for money. Just as there are good doctors and bad doctors, there are good whores and bad whores. . . anybody who does their job just for the paycheck without any joy or emotion is doing a poor job. Having said that, anybody who thinks someone should do a job for him pro bono just because the service-provider LIKES her/his job is an asshole. Would you walk into a psychiatrist's office and say "hey! You like helping people don't you?? I can't pay you but how about if I plop down on your couch and talk your ear off for an hour?"

7. WebWhores should commit to a professional code of ethics. At the very least we should treat our customers and each other with respect. Unfortunately some WebWhores are catty, judgemental, two-faced, bitchy, biggoted, narrow-minded, petty hypocrites (the same people you have to work with in ANY field). Fortunately in cyberspace it's easier to ignore such nasty bitches than it would be in a regular office. Still, it would be nice if WebWhores would commit to shunning and ostracizing any foul cunt who made a point of disrupting another WebWhore's business or hurting her feelings. We should also disassociate ourselves from any bitch who purposefully misleads or mistreats our customers.

8. WebWhores should join hands with other adult entertainment/sex workers to promote pride in our trade. Although there are obviously huge differences between dancing, webwhoring, escorting, streetwalking, video porning, etc. we all still have to deal with the same stigmas and bullshit in our respective professions.

9. People need to stop blaming porn for our social ills and start looking at the REAL indecencies in our society. We tolerate and turn a blind eye to thousands of phenomena that are more evil, sick and disturbing than pornography. The real obscenity in our culture is our frightening disregard for the golden rule ("love your neighbor as yourself"). WebWhores are NOT the enemy. Porn is NOT the enemy. If we want to "clean up" society we should start by focusing on instilling & practicing basic values like the golden rule. As long as people are inconsiderate and mean to each other we have bigger fish to fry than judging consenting adults for porn creation and consumption. People should get their priorities straight when they talk about "values". We need to treat each other with human kindness and consideration . . . all the other rules we make to govern our behavior are sheer trivia.

10. Compromising our freedom of speech is NOT the way to protect children or further the objectives of feminism. Does this point need any elaboration? I don't think so.




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