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Alpine eagle spreading its wings The new replica Chopard watches Alpine Eagle sports fashion timepiece series is contemporary, refined and decisive. It is the latest interpretation of St. Moritz. St. Moritz was born in 1980 by Karl Friedrich Scheffler. -Friedrich Scheufele) now serves as the first watch of Chopin's co-president. Designed by his imagination and personally, Alpine Eagle is driven by his love for the Alps and the majestic eagle. It is made of a unique, super light-resistant and reflective metal called Lucent Steel A223, which is consistent with the movement certified by the Chopard chronograph. Alpine Eagle demonstrated Chopard's ethical attitude, which gave brands the opportunity to reveal their new commitment to protecting the Alpine environment through the establishment of the Eagle Wings Foundation. Alpine Eagle is committed to contemporary eagles. Those aspiring people perform well in daily life, and their vision can inspire and improve. They face the challenges of tomorrow with foresight and determination, and are naturally aware of the importance of environmental issues.

Alpine Eagle XL Chrono: the top chronograph

The Alpine Eagle series of sporty fashion timepieces unfolds its wings and for the first time uses a flyback chronograph in a new case with a diameter of 44 mm. Three versions are available-Lucent Steel A223 with Aletsch Blue or Pitch Black dial and a two-material version with Lucent Steel A223 combined with Pitch Black dial and ethical rose gold – Alpine Eagle XL Chrono fake luxury watches with integrated bracelet is like the whole The inspiration for the series comes from the power of the eagle and the beauty of the Alps. Chopard (Chopard) 03.05-C mechanical movement with automatic movement and flyback function, has applied for four patents proving its accuracy and user-friendliness. From the movement to the case, from the dial to the bracelet, the Alpine Eagle XL Chrono timepiece is made entirely by Chopin's watchmaking studio, and the work of artisans pays tribute to nature.

chopard replica watches will successfully launch three new models of the Alpine Eagle series of integrated bracelet watches in 2019: two large models made of ethical rose gold, and a small Lucent A223 model with a diamond-encrusted bezel. From the chronometer-certified movement to the case, dial and bracelet, the Alpine Eagle timepiece inspired by the power of the eagle and the Alps is completely refined by Maison craftsmen in Chopin's watchmaking workshop.

Large alpine eagle: precious and ethical

The Alpine Eagle Large series adds two original case and bracelet. The case and bracelet are all refined with 18-carat rose gold with a diameter of 41 mm. Lucent Steel A223 or bi-material version was previously available. To demonstrate Chopard's commitment to responsible luxury, and all the watches and jewellery pieces that have appeared in his workshops since July 2018, these Alpine Eagle Large models are crafted from ethical gold.

The Chopard 01.01-C movement has a 60-hour power reserve and a self-winding mechanical movement. The tourbillon movement is derived from the research and expertise deployed by Chopard in-house craftsmen and has passed the COSC Precision Observatory certification. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, co-president of Chopard and creator of the Alpine Eagle series, attaches great importance to this accuracy.

Alpine Eagle Trumpet: Pure and Radiant

The 36 mm diameter Alpine Eagle Small timepiece series has so far included seven Lucent A223, ethical gold or bi-material interpretation references, and the new model of Lucent A223 with a lighted Aletsch blue dial is also welcome. The bezel is set with diamonds, which is also suitable for male and female wrists.

Like all Alpine Eagle Swiss replica watches, this new watch is equipped with Chopard's mechanical movement, and is equipped with a COSC-certified self-winding chronograph: Chopard 09.01-C movement, with a 42-hour power reserve.