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Geert Lovink,Lipika Bansal, Paul Kel (2006).In the Shade of the Commons Towards a Culture of Open Networks.Amsterdam:Waag society.


Wayback Machine:https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://waag.org/en/project/shade-commons#

Resumen: At the end of 2006, Waag Society published a book called 'In the Shade of the Commons' as a part of the project 'Towards a Culture of Open Networks' of which the partners were Sarai in Delhi (India), t/0 Netbase in Vienna (Austria) and Waag Society.

The book is a joint effort by many authors that participated in this publication. The book can be divided into three main sections. The first is a general part with declarations made by the project partners. In the second, one can find an overview of the event World Information City Bangalore, that took place November 2005. This part also contains a photographic review in colour. The last part of the book, edited by Geert Lovink, is a theoretical approach of the subject of 'open networks', by many authors coming from Asia, Europe and North America.

The book is supported by the EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme of the European Union, that made this publication possible. The book is available as pdf download and can be distributed according the CC-License 'Attribution-ShareAlike'.