2002 - Jungle AAA Manifesto - The Jungle Association of Autonomous Astronauts

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1) The development of breakbeatscience

Every junglist knows the sensation of the surging bassline, the unsurpassable angle of the break, which drags the body out of bourgeois catatonia & put's it into the hyper-kinetic ultra-physic audiostrata of autonomous atronautism. Hiphop & jungle both respond to the body without interfering with 'the mind'. Hiphop moves - and that's the difference - horizontally & jungle vertically: all the way up, immer gerade aus, into space; jungle wishes to stretch & gummify the body akin to the way in which a vocoder manipulates a voice to 1000 extra-planetary levels, which will never be achieved, not on this stinking planet that is. Earth is not suitable for the total realisation of jungle & for this & 333 other reasons JUNGLE AAA strives towards a phonoxodus into space, with jungle as its main catalyst.Breakbeatscience is its instrument; the productional alchemy that isolates, manipulates & modifies music's DNA into supra-energetic entities which, when shaped into clusters of breakbeat extravaganza, form their own engine: the rhythm engine. What in biology is called genetic engineering is labeled drum'n'bass in music; no vulnerable material in a petri dish, but sonic amoebaliens which compressed into high volumes are the source of the explosive combustible fuel for the rhythm engine.Breakbeatscience introduced space on earth, now JUNGLE AAA's space programme is going to get earth into space.

2) The promotion of psychoaudiology

Psychoaudiology is the sonic fiction of the break. A renegade form of breakbeatscience which is however also it's inevitable future. A psychoaudiologist is the Ubu Roi of Patajunglism, the study of jungle that does not exist, but should exist in another, better world. As the successive step after the audiopsychologist DJ, who has become a front & a tool for the 4 powers who want to keep us on this earth, the psychoaudiologist is the mantronix who eviscerates G-forces & the acetate audiokaryogram in a live dialoremix on at least 3 decks in which the sound of today is turntabilized into the space'n'bass of the phuture. The sonic fiction of today is the sonic fact of tomorrow. One of psychoadiology's biggest strengths is its gigabyte capable browser program which is always frantically searching for unheard fields of spunkjazz, polyrhythm & catajungle in which every new technology or its innovations are immediately distributed throughout the matrix of break beat labs bedroom studios. It's impossible to monopolize a new voodoofication of existing programs, but is syncretic & annexes the psychoaudiolyst no matter who s/he is. Unlike NASA & their ilk, every new breakthrough which can help to bring space closer is spread as fast as possible throughout the junglenautic borganism. NASA projects upon itself the image of the saintly avant-garde helping to guide mankind to the future thereby exposing itself to great risk & suffering, but in reality they do nothing but provide us with reactionary phenomena like Buzz Aldrin, John Glenn & Wubbo Ockels. JUNGLE AAA is not a junglenautical DJ-branch of free-masonry, but a knock on your headphones which is going to give Luther Blissett what was just rhetoric for Prodigy Kool Keith: a break to another dimension.

3) The mythopoetics of the junglenaut.

Be reasonable, demand the impossible & achieve the absurd. The Fermi paradox which states that if intelligent extraterrestrial life forms exist, they should already have found us is a bore. The fact that no real evidence has ever been found for the existence of alien life forms is already proof that they must be intelligent. Aliens are the rosicrusions of the space age.The junglenaut was present at the birth of stars here on earth & and saw the biggest star of all at its zenith: GROOVERIDER SUPERNOVA: an omega point of good taste & a techstep breakbeat singularity placed in a conceptual lasagna at a Himalayan level of psychoaudiology. Blinded by the light, the junglenaut now looks up to the skies where the stars belong & beam into the depths they deserve. The junglist is just a record shop browsing nrrrd who still maintains belief in the binary schism between the DJ-caste & the passivity of the audience, for the junglenaut drum'n'bass is not the soundtrack, but the groove behind the entire operation to area's where not the cop, but Luther Blissett is in control. The junglenaut is the cybotron: the vocoderian elastification of the junglist; the phagocyte of house & techno in the patajunglist spectrum; the captain Mission of the space-age, moving in several directions at once just like the Association of Autonomous Astronauts.

4) The terrorization of gravity

Gravity is the police force of Gaia's autocracy & should just like every other institution of repressing power be antagonised, bullied, taunted, provoked, wounded & killed just like any other institution. It is essential that the G-forces be weakened, before the AAA space programme commences. By flying, ballooning, zeppelining, mountain climbing & building skyscrapers. The latter should be acoustically correct so the elevator shafts can later be used as launching pads for the sound system shuttle in which the junglenaut plans his/her progressive escape. Jumping as a form of gravitational disobedience is an ongoing thorn in gravity's side. The sub genre JUMP-UP DRUM'N'BASS should be taken literally. The practice of hacky sacking is held in high esteem by the JUNGLE AAA, because of the drop dead mentality of the bag, the act of keeping it in the air is an brutal slap in the face of gravity.

5) The encouragement of space piracy JUNGLE AAA is obsessed with the myth of captain Mission, the seanaut who abandoned the tyranny, the hierarchy, the slave trade & the war machine of the navy & buccaneers to found Libertatia in the jungle of Madagascar. A free state which selected the best parts & got rid of the rubbish of Western society; a civilisation in dub. The era of terra nova selector Mission is behind us. Now terra nova; space is being used to count the chickens in the enemy's meadows, but the AAA will go there where their cameras can't see.& when NASA, after years of disasters, finally succeeds in getting their lada-shuttle past Venus, the JUNGLE AAA will be ready for them, hidden behind a meteor, out to get rid of their neo-colonisation & to prevent a replay of the 'discovery of Amerikkka'.

6) The destruction of house, capitalism, fascism & NASA

The junglenaut is the adventurer who gives the sound system shuttle escape velocity & gravity its defeat & sees her/himself confronted with the 4 horse riders of gravity who don't want to lose their Newtonian status quo to the entropy of Luther Blissett. JUNGLE AAA doesn't keep up with the 19th & 20th-century romantics of the streetfighter & cityguerillo, it is not some sort of crypto Bakuninist or micro-communist variation of the old socialist tendencies who, like in Star Wars, want to fight fire with fire.JUNGLE AAA is disgusted with the dichotomy of their 'us' Vs. 'them' ideology & is preparing to wave goodbye to this linearity together with the narrow minded dogmas of the gravity revelling quartet from the rear window of SS Photek, while those who stay behind rule their own garbage & Faithless and Underworld will finally find their habitat on the worn out soil of dystopy earth.To practise triolectical ways of thinking here on earth, the AAA has developed 3-sided football to oppose the subliminal, omnipresent group thinking of the establishment & the institutionalised anti-establishment. But the JUNGLE AAA's metavolution has more tools than just 3-sided football, dubplates & 808s; using D.I.Y. robotics, micro sound systems, schockwaves, UAOs, data-tsunamis, semiotixscatching & syncretixsampledalia JUNGLE AAA's discokrakers will simultaneously frustrate the audiostrata of everyday life on multiple planes.

7) Breakdancing in space

NASA's 404s confuse Star Trek's retro futurism with the hollow chewing gum that space really is. AAA neuro funkateers refuse to cooperate in a space fantasy which extrapolate gravicapital notions like labour, profit & egoism into the wild skies; nie wieder John Wayne, nie wieder 'It's quiet here, too quiet'. No to space as a new marketable & patentable area, but as a tactic to become more 'human' in the constant perplexifation of an environment which allows the junglenaut to experience a whole new range of feelings & movements. Just as fish didn't climb onto pangea in a mobile aquarium, so humans will, once they are up there, evolve into uninmaginable shapes & adaptations to strange surroundings. Earthly phenomena like dancing, shopping & getting drunk will have to change or they will be rendered obsolete. Together with the rave in space & sex in space programmes of other AAA groups, JUNGLE AAA is certain that breakdancing in space will not only be better, but will also be more progressive & more fun. All the new steps which used to be impossible due to the tyranny of mother earth will be just as spectacular as the 333 effectoletics of hacky sacking in space.

8) The glorification of the sub-sonic bassline

Every junglenaut knows there is only one thing better than a sub-sonic bassline & that is an ever deeper bassline. The bass is the engine which keeps the sound system going. The beats are an accessory, perhaps as baroque as fuck, perhaps minimal like the lines in a Mondriaan painting. The bpms determine the velocity, but it's the bassline which gives the rhythm engine its kinetic energy, a delicious woofer wave resonating within the abdomen, the space organ par excellence. A junglenaut/psychoaudiologist is a bass fetishist who prefers a silently running sound system above a techno rave which travels at boiling speed towards its own Nemesis. Or as Luther Blissett=everybody said: You too an astronaut.


Jungle AAA Manifesto apareció por primera vez en la lista de correo Tekpost el 3 de junio de 2002 en conjunto con el programa ALT.SPACE Conference (1), aunque unos días después, el 9 de junio, el manifiesto fue publicado en el sitio web socialfiction.org (2). ALT.SPACE fue un evento organizado por The Jungle Association of Autonomous Astronauts en colaboración con Smart Project Space celebrado el 15 de junio del mismo año en la ciudad de Amsterdam (3). El encuentro ofreció una serie de conferencias “con enfoques alternativos, inusuales, provocativos y posdemocráticos sobre el espacio exterior” (3).


En el año de 1999 Wilfried Hou Je Bek inició el proyecto The Jungle Association of Autonomous Astronauts (4). Wilfried se define como un "pirata cultural" y dentro de tu trabajo desarrolla psicogeografía generativa inspirado en los conceptos de “deriva” del romanticismo y, más tarde, por los situacionistas alrededor de Guy Debord. The Jungle of Autonomous Astronauts se fundó con el objetivo de demostrar que los viajes espaciales pueden ser accesibles para todos (5).


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