2008 - Pirate Party International Principles - Reinier B. Bakels

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PPI Principles is a one page unofficial document, which Reinier Bakels set forth in a reaction to the attempts to ratify the so called Pirate Manifesto.

The purpose of the „Pirate“ movement is to strive for a balanced public information and culture policy in the Information Age. „Information policy“ includes (but is not necessarily limited to):

So-called „intellectual property“: copyright, patent law, trademark law etc.

Privacy in the broadest sense of the word.

The problem is the lack of balance in the political process:

„Intellectual property“ policy presently is geared almost exclusively to the interests of the potential rights owners, instead of the general interest, for purposes such as the promotion of culture and innovation.

Privacy is unduly sacrificed for safety and law enforcement purposes.

The method of the Pirate movement is to politicise these issues, and to strive for a proper political representation of interests in order to restore the balance of arguments on these issues.

Politics require a practical approach, geared towards decision making. Coalitions and compromises are not excluded as a matter of principle, if only the policy can be improved in the direction desired by the Pirate movement.

Presently, the general public may not be properly informed on the Pirate movement issues, if only due to persistent disinformation campaigns by opponents. So there should be a strong emphasis on educating the general public.

Unlike some populist parties, Pirates do not question the present political system per se, but exploit it.

Pirate Parties should foster the highest level of political ethics. Their opinions may (and will) be considered unusual, but should always be seen as reasonable, realistic, and „decent“. Ethics are an important asset against opponents who do not observe ethics, or make false ethics claims.





URL: https://wiki.pirati.cz/en/zo/docs/ppiprinciples

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