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In the last few years, Anonymous has gained increasing notoriety for its action against websites, agencies and organizations that promote censorship and control. It has helped spread information and supported protestors demanding freedoms and rights.

But the popularity of the movement, the attention it brings along, and the structure it has engendered threaten to push Anonymous away from the decentralized, collective movement it has been. As decisions become more centralized and newcomers jump on the bandwagon, Anonymous risks becoming yet another ineffective reformist group, fueled by well-meaning rethoric but subject to third party interests and paralyzed by its fear of authority.

This is why we, as members of Anonymous and anarchists, have decided to start an autonomous group to help spread the ideas of anarchism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism and self-organization within it. We want to provide the skills, tools and experience of direct action in the streets, and take advantage of the new resources and techniques of hacktivism.

Comunique from A(A)A. Anon Anarchist Action

   _.-oO·º'´¨`'º·Oo-._☠ Fighting against all oppression and capitalism ☠_.-oO·º'´¨`'º·Oo-._
   We are Anonymous Anarchist Action
   We have taken a stance, we have paid back. We have resisted the advocates of censorship,
   we have retaliated and we have won, we are winning.
   We master the tools and tactics that will make our revolution succeed in the name of humankind:
   supporting black blocs, urban guerrillas and the cyber warfare ahead of us.
   We defy all the system of oppression, your capitalists crooks, your fat cat politicians,
   your racist and patriarchal ways, your intent to control peoples lives,
   you who try to censor and control one of the most anarchist forms of communication (the internet),
   you corporate liars, you greedy money heads... all of this we oppose.
   We will fight till our end and when we are done, others will follow!
   This is just the start!
   As long as we obey, we are open to misdirection.
   As long as we aren't informed, we are open to lies.
   As long as we don't control our communications, we are open to manipulation.
   As long as we aren't focused, we won't succeed.
   As long as we are centralized, we can be shutdown
   As long as we use for-profit tools, we are slaves to their greed.
   Free your mind, free yourself!
   Join us in the biggest yet social revolution that has just started!
   From Greece to the streets of Cairo, to the revolutionary femmnists in Italy and the Squatters
   of Spain, to the Zapatistas in Mexico AND THE ONLINE HACKTIVISTS!!
   WE WILL WIN there is no other choice, for us, for our next generations, FOR EARTH!
   We are Anonymous.
   We are Anarchists.
   We are many and we work as one
   We are Anon Anarchist Action
   Join us at : irc.anonops.ru (#anarchism)


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Join us at : irc.anonops.ru (#anarchism) http://aaa.status.net http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-kKmiAZrzY


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