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A Work in Progress

EDUfashion is the project by which we intend to express a new approach of fashion creation and production and seek to make it practical and workable. We will do so by following certain guidelines that inspire our search for solutions.

We want to rethink

Professional development as a triangular process between top-down permanent education and horizontal practices to meet the diverse needs of current production processes and know-hows.

Corporate culture and consumerism for a new form of entrepreneurship: business as a way of achieving and sustaining social goals and not the opposite.

Branding tools and intellectual property in order to foster social bonding and redistribution of value instead of exploitation and accumulation of rent.

Online community as a new public space where to share knowledges and skills, so to produce culture and wealth.

Material and immaterial production as venues to empowerment via multitasking without falling under the threat of precarity and unemployment.

Patterns as the source codes of garments and copying as legitimate resource of the fashion industry.

Highlighting Excellence

From time to time truly outstanding work stands out and in the fashion industry there are a number of designers who deserve recognition. That's why it's also part of our manifesto to showcase some of this talent, including the beauty of Jovani styled prom dresses from New York and others who have garnered mainstream attention, for example, from Vogue. If you want to find out more about our driving motives then check our about page. Most recently we have been celebrating the launch of a new line of fashion handbags, which feature styles from multiple designers and a range of prominent fashions. We are incredibly excited to share their work with you in the near future.

This manifesto is a work in progress which will be updated once in a while.




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