2011 - Manifesto: A Manifesto for Art in the Age of the Internet - Antoinette LaFarge

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a manifesto for art in the age of the internet

1.Don’t just lurk: participate in this world of realtime, distributed, social, immersive, shared, and collaborative media. New game, new rules.

2.Buy art online, like everything else. Buy it like you would a book, not a car. When you’re done with it, pass it on like you would a book, too. Don’t let it get so precious you shy away from it.

3.Buy direct from the artist when you can. Trust your own taste, take a chance. You don’t need a critic, a curator, or a gallery holding your hand. (Which isn’t to say you might not like them; curators tend to be very interesting people.)

4.Buy art for any reason at all: whim, passion, investment, fetish, curiosity, bragging rights, respect, delight, nostalgia.

5.Not all art can be bought; some art that can be bought is only affordable by the rich. Enjoy what you find anyway. Not everything has to be owned.

6.Link the art that you find, comment on it, blog about it, get the word out.

7.Talk to artists online and off, question them, guide them, cheer them, challenge them, make friends with them. You may discover in the process that you are an artist. And they only sometimes bite.

8.Open the door to sharing: encourage artists you know to make some of their work under a Creative Commons license.

9.Bring your own stuff to the net. Make culture happen.


Aparece en https://www.digitalmanifesto.net/manifestos/64/

Se data usando la copia más antigua del manifiesto de 2011 que aparece en su antoinette lafarge's blog and store "art is all we have" https://web.archive.org/web/20110701162330/http://www.artisallwehave.com/manifesto

I have a blog about art and also doubles as my online store "art is all we have", and I also blog as "zelda" over at the techno-feminist blog Difference Engines. https://web.archive.org/web/20111202153327/http://www.forger.com/writing.html

Su página principal en esos años era https://web.archive.org/web/20110711020234/http://www.forger.com/ y la copia más antigua es de 2006 porque las anteriores copias del mismo dominio no copiaron el contenido https://web.archive.org/web/20060206214013/http://www.forger.com/ pero ninguna menciona nada del manifiesto

Hoy su sitio es http://www.antoinettelafarge.com/index.html


Antoinette LaFarge I am an artist, writer, and longtime netizen. I prefer virtuality to materiality on the whole (with major exceptions) and don't really understand art's continuing attachment to thingness. This is my combination online store and bloge: an experiment in net-based distribution. It's also turning out to be something of a fragmented autobiography as well as a manifesto for new ways of thinking about the artist's career. My main projects archive is at www.antoinettelafarge.com. For any queries related to this site please email: staff@artisallwehave.com.




Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20171219210814/http://www.artisallwehave.com/manifesto