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Our Principles

Our Principles

The policies that you will find in this manifesto are based upon 7 simple principles that guide our approach to all aspects of governance. Our principles are the basis of our political agenda and can be applied to any and all areas of public and private life. They determine whether we can or cannot support a specific initiative and they should be sufficient to determine our position on any number of issues, whether outlined in this document or not:

1. Our society is built upon the sharing of knowledge, ideas and culture. It is furthered by freedom of thought and expression, and protected by the rule of law. The Pirate Party exists to ensure the preservation and development of these foundations.

2. Human dignity is inviolable. Each of us has a right to life and to live, to freedom of thought and self determination, and to participate in society.

3. Everyone is equal under the law. We all have a say in the structure and processes of governance and the right to know what is done on our behalf.

4. Respect for our private and family life by government and society is fundamental and we all have freedom of choice in our associations and relationships.

5. To be free to participate in society everyone must have access to justice, education and such services and infrastructure required for life within it.

6. To ensure the security of our society it is the responsibility of the government to provide for its defence, the mechanisms of justice and such services and infrastructure required to meet its needs.

7. We will act on the basis of evidence, with the consent of society through democracy, in the interests of all.


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