2018 - Manifesto - Digital fingerprints

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This manifesto explains the mission of fingerprints.digital team about behavioural biometrics, privacy and ethics.

Our ultimate goal while creating fingerprints.digital is to provide a tool that would defend every user of the critical service from the digital hijack. In the world of an exponential growth of computational capabilities and data ingestion, we believe that all of the simple authentication methods such as passwords WILL sooner or later be cracked.

Behavioural biometrics is our way to provide you with an additional layer of security with no impact on your experience in the services that embed this technology. We study your behaviour; store it in the form of machine learning models and then use it to judge if it is you or someone else that tries to use your privileges.

Privacy of your behaviour is directly related to the data that we process. We do not, and we will never acquire any data that is perceived as sensitive, i.e. your passwords, the text that you write or what services you use. Instead, we acquire the information on how you type, how you move through service and how you react. That is the way we feel the balance between privacy and capability to protect the users with our service should be.

As a team, we have shared ethics that lead us towards the goal of making this world a better place. We do not misuse your data for experiments other than the protection of your account. We do not sell your data to anyone. Your data is not and never will be used beyond the fingerprints.digital service. We believe that GDPR is a great way to move forward with protecting the privacy of customers. We aim to provide a higher level of protection for your data.


Manifiesto de la empresa Digital Fingerprints ubicada en Polonia.

La fecha de publicación no está clara pero se menciona en la copia más antigua del sitio de 2018


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URL: https://fingerprints.digital/manifesto/

Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20200811011115/https://fingerprints.digital/manifesto/