Andrew Maynard, Michelle Kasprzak (2014) Responsible Technological Innovation

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On June 5th and 6th 2014, a group of researchers from widely differing backgrounds and experiences was brought together by the Risk Science Center at the University of Michigan, and V2_ Institute for Unstable Media in Rotterdam, to creatively explore the concept of responsible technological innovation. This was intentionally a naïve workshop. Few of the participants had formally carried out research into responsible innovation. Yet all of them were engaged in some way at the interface between technology, innovation and society. By convening experts from fields as diverse as art and architecture to business, public health and engineering, we set out to bring a fresh perspective to responsible technological innovation and its application. The resulting discussions were stimulating and enlightening. They peeled apart the deep complexities in defining what responsible innovation is – even what innovation itself is. And they explored how multiple constituencies within society may benefit from thinking in different ways about responsibility and innovation. To capture the richness and depth of these explorations, the group unanimously decided to eschew the usual technical reports or academic papers that so often emerge from such meetings. Instead, we elected to compile a collection of haiku that captured our thoughts and ideas. As well as reflecting the nuances and complexity of our discussions, it was hoped that this collection would serve to stimulate further creative insights into responsible technological innovation – to become seeds of innovation in others as they approach developing technologies that are responsive and responsible to the societies they reside in, and ultimately serve.


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