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The Bristol Pound is money that's made by local people for local people. It can only be used in local, independent businesses which means money stays in the city. Every Bristol Pound is a commitment to spend locally again and again, creating a stronger, greener local economy. Designed to support Bristol’s thriving independent business sector Bristol’s unique qualities - it's community spirit, creativity and freethinking attitude – make it an incredible place to live. Much of this character is created and embodied by the local businesses in which we shop, eat and socialise. We don’t want Bristol to be another clone town. Bristol Pounds supports independent business by helping us commit to spend locally, and helps forge new business relationships because choosing Bristol Pounds means that businesses spend locally too. Keep money in Bristol, circulating again and again. Using Bristol Pounds encourages the businesses you use to also spend more money locally, and so on. It is this continual circulation of money within the local economy that really builds the benefits of the Bristol Pound and makes it much more valuable than spending sterling.

We create more wealth because less money leaves Bristol and gets lost in complicated global financial systems. Sterling isn’t loyal; it goes wherever it can make more of itself, accumulating in tax havens, in big executive pay packets or with distant shareholders. Bristol Pounds stay working on the ground for us. They stick to Bristol creating stronger communities and a greener economy.

Make new friends and discover new businesses. Using the Bristol Pound is a great conversation starter; with each transaction you get a little buzz from knowing that you, and the business, are contributing to something amazing. It’s a great way to discover our city and find amazing local businesses you might otherwise never have heard of! The paper pounds are beautiful and the secure TXT2PAY system is Bristol innovation at its best.

Money with values. The Bristol Pound values our communities and the environment over shareholders and profit. Money and banking can be made to work for people rather than against them. Bristol Pound is a not for profit scheme run in partnership with the Bristol Credit Union. Bristol Credit Union provides financial services to all people in the community regardless of income. Anyone in Bristol can be a member of the Bristol Pound; this is money that we can all control – not money that controls us.

Get Bristol Pounds from any Bristol Pound Cash Point across the city or sign-up for a Bristol Pound account for individuals or a Bristol Pound account for businesses.




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