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For more than 99% of its known history, the Cannabis Sativa plant has been an integral component of civilization. Cannabis, referred to simply as hemp when used, could be found across the globe in countless industrial, medicinal, dietary & spiritual applications. Quite possibly the world’s first agricultural crop, villagers near modern-day Taiwan cultivated cannabis for use as hemp cord in pottery more than 10,000 years ago. Contrary to today’s political attitude, the law through history quite often mandated cannabis cultivation. Dating back to early American history in the Jamestown colony, colonial settlers harvested hemp for rope, clothing and ship sails. During times of war, farmers were required by law to produce as much of the versatile plant as possible. In modern times, hemp suffers from a century-long smear campaign. Labeled as dangerous and prone to abuse, governments worldwide have limited man’s access to the plant in an effort to protect us from nature.

As with most other irrational laws, follow the money to find the root of the injustice. With a quick search, you’ll discover that once again, the world’s most powerful industrial, media and banking elite conspired to criminalize hemp, as the invention of the decorticator posed a threat to their inferior fiber, paper and chemical concerns. The naturally-occurring renewable resource in many ways lacked commercially-beneficial limitations, similar to JP Morgan’s infamous question to free energy proponent Tesla: “where do you put the meter?” As a result of racially-motivated vilification and competition-thwarting crony capitalism, hemp was renamed to marijuana, a Mexican slang term, and federal and state governments systematically declared hemp illegal in the first half of the twentieth century.


CannabisCoin es la solución de pago para los dispensarios, minoristas y comerciantes de marihuana y está respaldada por aquellos estados donde la marihuana es legal. CannabisCoin representa la verdadera marihuana medicinal específicamente diseñada y cultivada por los cultivadores de marihuana CannabisCoin. Estas cepas específicas de marihuana deben ser compradas y vendidas exclusivamente con CannabisCoins. Esta iniciativa fue lanzada por primera vez el 20 de abril de 2014 con un algoritmo de hash Scrypt. Alrededor de 21,8 millones de CannabisCoin fueron extraídos hasta que los desarrolladores decidieron cambiar el algoritmo de hash Scrypt a X11 con KGW. Se implementó y se creó un primer bloque predefinido en X11 para llevar a cabo un programa de recompra de monedas minadas Scrypt al nuevo algoritmo X11.



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