DIYbio (2011) Draft DIYbio Code of Ethics from European Congress

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Transparency Emphasize transparency and the sharing of ideas, knowledge, data and results.

Safety Adopt safe practices.

Open Access Promote citizen science and decentralized access to biotechnology.

Education Help educate the public about biotechnology, its benefits and implications.

Modesty Know you don’t know everything.

Community Carefully listen to any concerns and questions and respond honestly.

Peaceful Purposes Biotechnology must only be used for peaceful purposes.

Respect Respect humans and all living systems.

Responsibility Recognize the complexity and dynamics of living systems and our responsibility towards them.

Accountability Remain accountable for your actions and for upholding this code.

History: This draft code of ethics was drafted by individuals participating in the 2011 European DIYbio Congress. Read the draft code from the 2011 North American Congress.




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