Laura María Gutiérrez Medina (2014) Open Data Strategies and Experiences to Improve Sharing and Publication of Public Sector Information

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The Canary Islands receive 10 million tourists every year. Tourism represents a key sector for economic development in the Canaries. This work presents the benefits of open data usages in the tourism sector both in municipalities and in the island government. These public institutions have valuable information that should be shared with other institutions: 600 hotels and apartments, 10,000 bars and restaurants, and more than 15,000 retail businesses. This article describes an open data project to validate and to publish such data across multiple administrations. The main benefits for the public sector are the improvement of the data quality and the interoperability between different administrations.

Palabras clave

open data; open government data; tourism.




JeDEM - eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government



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