Laurie Skelton (ed.) (2016) Teacher Maker Camp, 10 recipes

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Creating makes our hearts beat. And, so does learning. At Waag Society, our mission is democratising technology and empowering people to use technology to shape and give meaning to their own living environment. Over the last few years, we have been running a variety of projects dedicated to enabling people to ‘programme’ technological developments themselves by focusing on design and creativity. In our FabLab (and through our digital literacy projects like FabSchool), we’ve gained a lot of experience in what makes making, the maker movement, and maker education so powerful and special.
We strongly believe that every child deserves the chance to become an inventor. Inevitably, this implies that teachers should enable that. As Seymour Papert said: ‘The role of the teacher is to create conditions for invention rather than to provide ready made knowledge’.
But if that is the case, is it not also true that every teacher deserves the same chance? Because if teachers don’t experience making themselves, how can we possibly expect them to guide their children in this process? And besides, just like many of us, teachers sometimes need some support to overcome their fears of both technology and of ‘letting go’ in the classroom. Together with our partners, we asked ourselves the questions: can we turn teachers into makers? Can we transfer our passion for and experience with maker education to teachers? And, are we able to help teachers develop a maker mindset while they also hone their technical and creative skills?


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