OHANDA Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance

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OHANDA is an initiative to foster sustainable sharing of open hardware and design. It was first drafted at the GOSH!-Grounding Open Source Hardware summit at the Banff Centre in July 2009 and one of the first goals of the project is to build a service for sharing open hardware designs which includes a certification model and a registration. OHANDA is in process. The process is open.

Why can't we just use any copyleft license? In short: copyleft is legally based on copyright, which can not be effectively enforced in the physical world. The equivalent would be patents, but patenting hardware to make it open is slow and expensive.

The proposed solution with OHANDA is a Trademark. The trademark will allow the developer to connect a copyleft license with any kind of physical device through Ohanda. Think the trademark like other common certificate such as recycle or CE mark.

URL: http://wiki.ohanda.org/

Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20160910034004/http://wiki.ohanda.org/