Pedro Soler (2012) Collective Emergencies

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We are living in the age of biotechnology, announcing the cyborg. Uncritically rushing towards a prosthetic future, seperated between an immense class of slaves in constant poverty and a tiny group of wealthy semi artifical beings ready for anything to coldly maintain and extend their privileges. Technology becomes a plague on the planet, destroying huge areas of wilderness to extract the materiales necessary to extend itself, employed in wars that are more and more remote from the centres of control, systems of vigilance to control the slaves, keeping them locked into an endless loop of insatisfied desire, sickness and misery. Artists amuse the masters and distract the slaves, all discourses absorbed into a black hole of meaning. Critical currents are merely inconvenient, easily strangled economically and, if needs be, coercively. This bleak picture is not just an exercise of science fiction but neither is it all true. The sheer velocity and multiplicty of the changes in the planet create chaotic states where nobody is really in control anymore and unexpected cracks open up. Emergencies are, at the same time, moments of danger and the appearance of undirected forms.


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