Richard Barbrook, Andy Cameron (1995) The Californian Ideology

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THE CALIFORNIAN IDEOLOGY by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron Imaginary Futures-img.jpg


"The Californian Ideology" is a 1995 essay by English media theorists Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron of the University of Westminster. Barbrook describes it as a "critique of dotcom neoliberalism". In the essay, Barbrook and Cameron argue that the rise of networking technologies in Silicon Valley in the 1990s was linked to American neoliberalism and a paradoxical hybridization of beliefs from the political left and right in the form of hopeful technological determinism.

The original essay was published in Mute magazine in 1995 and later appeared on the nettime Internet mailing list for debate. A final version was published in Science as Culture in 1996. The critique has since been revised in several different versions and languages.

Andrew Leonard of called Barbrook & Cameron's work "one of the most penetrating critiques of neo-conservative digital hypesterism yet published." Louis Rossetto, former editor and publisher of Wired magazine, called it an "anal retentive attachment to failed 19th century social and economic analysis". (


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