Ronaldo Lemos, Oona Castro (coords.) (2007) Open business models Latin America Final report

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This is a brief summary of the results of the researches carried out by the project Open Business Models – Latin America, coordinated by the Center for Technology and Society of the Law School of Fundação Getúlio Vargas in partnership with Overmundo, during the period of March 2006 – July 2007.
The development of the project took place in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Nigeria and has generated great interest and incentives for other researchers, government members, the third sector and the private sector.
Among the main studies in the scope of the project, we should highlight the field research on tecnobrega scene in Belém do Pará, which mapped the emergence of new business models in a periphery of Brazil. Besides that, it is worth to mention Colombia's and Argentina's field researches, demonstrating the emergence of the music markets in those countries based on the use of digital technology and different practices regarding the idea of intellectual property. Another highlight is the findings regarding Nigeria and its thriving movie industry. It is also important to mention the mapping of open business cases in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil, as well as the open business guide developed and cases collected by the British team of the Open Business project. The main findings of each of the objectives above will be detailed throughout this report. We believe that these findings will contribute to the development of different perspective regarding cultural production in developing countries, based on a more critical view, and taking into account the challenges faced by the mainstream cultural industry.
This work has only been possible thanks to the support of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), a Canadian Crown corporation that works in collaboration with researchers from developing countries.




International Developement Research Centre



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