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SHARE Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012, with the goal to fight for the public interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights, in the areas of privacy, free speech, government transparency and efficiency, surveillance and human rights. SHARE Foundation is dedicated to protecting the rights of Internet citizens and promoting positive values of openness, decentralization, free access and exchange of knowledge, information and technology.

The SHARE Foundation believes that the Internet and digital media will be fundamental for achieving democratic change in society as a tool for improvement of government accountability and transparency, and socioeconomic empowerment of citizens.

The activities of SHARE Foundation are supported by cooperation and friendship with a wide network of various institutions, individuals and organizations.

Our work is based on two main components: SHARE Conference, that promotes Internet culture and technology to a wider Internet community and engages key opinion makers in the field; and SHARE Defense which works as a think tank unit that conducts legal research, provides pro bono legal aid and is actively involved in the decision making processes.


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