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The Pirate Bay is the worlds largest bittorrent indexer. Bittorrent is a filesharing protocol that in a reliable way enables big and fast file transfers.No torrent files are saved at the server. That means no copyrighted and/or illegal material are stored by us. It is therefore not possible to hold the people behind The Pirate Bay responsible for the material that is being spread using the site. The Pirate Bay fué iniciado por la organizacion sueca anti copyright Piratbyrån in the late 2003, but in October 2004 it separated became run by dedicated individuals. In 2006 the site changed it's ownership yet again. Today the site is run by an organisation rather than individuals, though as a non-profit. The organisation is registered in the Seychelles and can be contacted using the contact form. Using the site is free of charge for individuals however there are some restrictions. Please see the policy page. Para contactar a The Pirate Bay click aquí. To report child abuse or other similar unlawful activities please do so to your local authority. In Sweden you can contact to report child abuse matters. Please do so.



The Pirate Bay (La bahía pirata) es un motor de búsqueda y rastreo de ficheros BitTorrent (.torrent) donde se pueden descargar todo tipo de material multimedia que comparten los usuarios a través del protocolo P2P BitTorrent. Se trata de un proyecto sin fines lucrativos que costea el sitio con publicidad, donaciones y venta de merchandising. Fue fundado a principios de 2003 en Suecia por Piratbyrån (Bureau de la piratería), un think tank de periodistas, programadores, artistas e investigadores dedicados a la cultura libre y los derechos digitales. Ha sido el mayor tracker de BitTorrent a nivel mundial, motivo por el cual Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde fueron llevados a jucio y condenados a cumplir condena por favorecer compartir contenidos protegidos con copyright.


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