VVAA (2013) V2 Lab Show Booklet

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The V2_ Lab Show celebrated the work of V2_Lab by highlighting a selection of exemplary results from its recent history. These results range from artist-in-residency projects and output from its talent development program to artist commissions and spin-off from its technical research. The selected projects reveal a concise overview of the artistic themes, variety in output, and different types of collaborations emerging from V2_Lab. The booklet contains an introductory essay on the work by V2_lab and its mission, and extensive descriptions of the exhibited artworks.



V2 Lab for the Unstable Media.


URL: http://v2.nl/files/2013/ebooks/v2_-lab-show-PDF, http://v2.nl/archive/articles/v2_-lab-show-booklet/view

Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20170407211323/http://v2.nl/files/2013/ebooks/v2_-lab-show-PDF, http://web.archive.org/web/20170407211353/http://v2.nl/archive/articles/v2_-lab-show-booklet/view